This is a story of songs.


You were my strength when I was weak - You were my voice when I couldn't speak - You were my eyes when I couldn't see ...


Recall when you heard this first. Recall how deep that voice hit your soul. ... Celine Dion, who would forget her.


While I was recently going through Youtube page, I found this accidently.

charice celine

Her name was Charice, a Filipino. She was awesome.

celine power

Power of Love may be Celine’s most powerful song. Then I found this little girl singing it. Guess what, she also was a Filipino. She is Cydel Gabutero.

cydel power

Then I found this, Charice meets Cydel Gabutero. Charice is grown up now. You may not recognize her first. She of course the girl who sang Because You Loved Me at Celine’s stage. Hope you have already figured that all three names starts with "C".

charice cydel

Charice suggest Cydel to sing Anak. Wow, I did not know that song lingering in my brain long ago was Anak. Cydel sings it so wonderfully at the age of 12.

cydel gabutero anak 

Listen to again while reading the English translation, and figure if you had actually felt it before.

I will end this with Anak original, sung by Freddie Aguilar. Feel it.

anak fred

Read this story behind making of Anak, and compare it with translation.